03/1991 Norbert Grohmann founded ROAD & RAIL Vienna. operational start up at 2nd of april 1991. 
01/1992 Already 18 containerchassis were in use. EASTERN EUROPE is declared as target market. Application for membership at ÖKOMBI.
02/1993 Container transports in direction CIS and Romania started.
01/1994 First steps in combined transports rail/road from Hamburg to Austria.
04/1995 1st removal to Handelskai 340, 1020 Wien and additional staff.
05/1995 Expansion full load and project transports to CIS, Germany and Netherlands.
01/1998 Focussing on europewide container trucking and termination of CIS transports. 35 container chassis were in action.
01/2000 Broadening the range of rail combined oncarriage from northern ports to Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Rep. and Austria.
11/2004 Establishment of ROAD & RAIL Slovakia s.r.o. in SK-91700 Trnava.
03/2006 Broadening of the range of bilateral truckings from Terminal Vienna to bordering states Slovakia, Czech Rep., Hungary and to Poland.
01/2007 Expansion container trucking ex Trieste and Koper to Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria.
05/2007 Accession to ” Zollpool AG ” in Hamburg and thus having a guarantee for customs TC 31 (T1) document in the amount of 33 mill. Euros. 2nd removal into nearly 300 m2 at “Donau Business Center”, Handelskai 388, 1020 Wien. One of the highest guarantees in Europe.
01/2008 2nd removal into nearly 300 m2 at “Donau Business Center”, Handelskai 388, 1020 Wien.
12/2008 14.500 TEU were dispatched by road and rail at the locations in Vienna and Trnava in 2008 record year so far.
12/2009 Even in this difficult year an increase in volume could be achieved.
07/2010 ROAD & RAIL agency in TRENCIN opened on first of july 2010, at the same time site in Trnava was closed.
04/2011   ROAD & RAIL celebrates its 20-year anniversary!
12/2012 increase in 2012 to 10 mio EUR turnover / 12 employees.
12/2013 13 employees / 60 trucks / 17.500 TEU / 10,5 mio EUR turnover – record year