location WIEN

location TRENCIN

ROAD & RAIL Int. Speditionsgesellschaft m.b.H.
Handelskai 388/751, Austria – 1020 Vienna
ROAD & RAIL Slovakia agency
M.R. Stefanika 9, Slovakia – 911 01 Trencin
DonauBusinessCenter  M.R.Stefanika
tel : +431 7292172 – 0 (Zentrale)
fax: +431 7292172 – 20
mail: ROAD & RAIL Wien
tel : +42132 7430426
fax: +42132 7430492
mail: ROAD & RAIL SK
working hours:
monday to friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm (non-stop if necessary)
working hours:                                                                 monday to friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm (non-stop if necessary)


route to address “Donau Business Center”  Handelskai 388 (Entry: Wehlistraße no. 299)

Größere Kartenansicht

route description to “Donau Business Center” Handelskai 388/751, 1020 Wien

You will find our office at stairway 7, level 5, flat no. 751 – visitors can reach us only via main entrance (see picture) at ” Wehlistraße no. 299″. The moving stairs up and keep to the right. 

ATTENTION: monday – friday from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. you need a park ticket (Parkschein) in this area. 

driving direction north:
“A 23” till exit “Handelskai”: on the right side you see a blue/white building (on the roof “Honeywell” und “AMC” signs). Turn around the building (after 2nd traffic light keep right on “Handelskai” and turn right, after 70 metres turn again to the right immediately after the “ENI” filling station into the street “Gilmagasse”  and again right into the street ” Wehlistraße no. 299 ” to main entrance (picture).

driving direction south:
“A 23” till exit “Handelskai”: you arrive at first traffic sign, but turn right at the 2nd traffic light on “Handelskai” and drive appr. 400 metres until you see “ENI” filling station, which is integrated in the bulding. Immediately after the “ENI” filling station, turn to the right in street “Gilmagasse” and again right into ” Wehlistraße no. 299 ” to main entrance (picture).

public transport
take metro ” U2” until station “Donaumarina” and after appr. 300 metres walk on “Wehlistraße” in direction out of town you will see on the left side at no. 299 the
main entrance.  

The delivery entrance (for tradesmen) is located at the area of “ENI” filling station. parking for short period is allowed.